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Why and Who should carry out a pre-inspection prior to Cleaning

90% of carpet cleaners will put your carpets at risk of damage offering cheap prices and no inspection.


Inspections are not meant to put you under pressure of a hard sale, but for us to understand the fibres being worked and to ensure the best tailored cleaning method is practised.


If the wrong cleaning system or product is not tailored to the carpet it could leave your carpet prone to quick re-soiling, permanent damage and as a result void carpet warranty.


Wool carpet owners should have their carpets cleaned by a Back 2 New Carpets Woolsalfe Qualified Technician.


We offer many different cleans that are tailored to suit your requirements and budget. All cleans are safe to all carpet and upholstery fibres, allergies, children and pets.


If there is one message we leave with you, let it be the fact you should choose a carpet cleaner who provides a thorough inspection. We will need to know the type of carpet, soil level and history to adapt the best cleaning method 


An inspection takes ten minutes and in turn will save you time, money and hassle in costly replacements.

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