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Is it True Carpets Get Dirty Quicker after having them Cleaned?



Did you know Carpets can re-soil at a much faster rate than normal after cleaning!

many of the reasons being down to the operator not being trained or having an understanding on chemical use or correct cleaning methods.

DIY machines also leave sticky residues after cleaning which attract dirt and dirt promotes wear

It is easy to fall for a cheap fancy offer but sometimes forgetting about the quality of the clean.

In most cases the carpet may look great but after a few weeks time it may not even look as though it was cleaned or worse.

Working to manufacturer's Guidelines we tailor the cleaning process to suit your carpets specific requirements and leave no nasty residues behind, meaning you can enjoy damage - free, long lasting results.

Our cleaning process consists of:


detailed pre-inspection to establish ( fibre type, dye sites, construction and history


Pre-vacuum (removes dry soil so it is not left behind after common hot water extraction) cleaning)


Pre-spot treatment 


Correct use of pre-spray suited for soil and carpet type which contains surfactants meaning we dont have to flood out your carpets to remove soil to give quick drying times and save any inconvenience

mechanical agitation - brushes pre-spray and helps detatch from fibres for more efficient rinsing.

Final Rinse - flush out soils and detergent, neutralising alkalinity in the process and leave your carpets in its original acidic state.


Carpets Re-soil Faster

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