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woolsafe carpet cleaning

Looking after your wool carpets

Wool fibres are more delicate.  Just like washing a woollen jumper we use different settings to control the temperature on our washing machines, in carpet cleaning we also control our cleaning.

A nice characteristic to a wool carpet is the cuticle which is the outer protective barrier which helps repel spills and resists wear.  The cuticle can easily be removed through incorrect cleaning, consequently causing irreversible damage to the fibre so it will no longer perform as it should and future spills become permanent and generally gets dirtier quicker.

To avoid damage we need to control the strength of the product used (Woolsafe). 

Heat should not exceed 40 degrees

agitation is kept to a minimum 

Another reason why carpet cleaning should not be rushed is because we rely on the dwell time of the mild product to do most of the work, instead of using stronger alkali products

Wool fibres are the most absorbent in their class, therefore absorb water based stains such as drink spills so it can make sense to have an approved protector treatment applied after cleaning or from new.


Woolsafe is an organisation where manufacturer's can have their detergents tested to see if they meet the standards for wool.

It has its own network of service providing carpet cleaners which have undertook training and passed the exam

It promotes the highest standards in carpet cleaning, it is the standard of excellence.



Back2new Carpets is your nearest Woolsafe Service Provider

Cuticle of Wool Fibre (Protective Layer)

Easily Removed by Untrained carpet cleaners, leaving the fibre exposed to spillages and soil.

wool fibre diagram
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