Carpets and sofas can be one of the biggest investments in our home so when it comes to having them professionally cleaned, you want to know it's going to get cleaned properly without any risks of damage


if you thought every carpet cleaner was the same then all you have to go off is best price, but the cheapest in town doesn't always mean better.  

Low- end carpet cleaning leads to rushed work and short cuts are taken in order to make as much profit.  This can lead to problems from soaking wet carpets and especially re-soiling and wick back.




So what can you expect to pay for a professional clean and what exactly is included?

  • Pre-inspection - Every carpet and fabric is different and have their own cleaning process so when we arrive at your home We carefully look at each and every item asked to be cleaned and establish the correct cleaning method to be used by carrying out a few tests. We need to know the fibre type, construction, dyes, history and past

  • Hassle free

  • Takes only 10 mins 

  • absolutely free with no obligation

  • Don't pay more than you need to on smaller rooms 

  • Better Value - results that last

You'll get the cleanest carpets without damage guaranteed and won't have to worry about getting them cleaned as regularly since our products and processes don't leave sticky soil - attracting residues.

We realise 

Guideline price


single room (10x10) £30

Through lounge (12x18) £60

Typical Hall / Stairs / Landing £50

Upholstery Clean

£25-30 per seat

We're around 7 days a week and available evenings as well as day times for quotations